October 2021: The pre-sale for Constellation NFTs starts.
November 2021: The pre-sale for Captain of the Star System Legion NFTs starts.
October-November 2021: Complete and launch the BSC side chain and the synchronous online cross-chain bridge.
December 2021–2022 January: SGLY will be listed on Binance Decentralized Exchange (Binance DEX), and liquidity mining will start soon after the listing goes live.
December 2021–2022 January: Origin chain NFT trading market is online.
29 Dec 2021 - 5 January 2022: Launch of the global closed beta!
6 Jan 2022: Launch of the NFT trading market and sale of 20,000 battleship mystery boxes!
10 Jan 2022: Launch of the global public beta!
December 2021: The first version of the Singularity game will be launched. The core content is the opening and exploration of constellations and star systems. The combat system and mechanism will also be launched.
First quarter of 2022: The second version of the game is completed and the universe map will be fully opened to all gamers. The GVG team growth mode will be launched.
Second quarter of 2022: Complete the third version of the game, complete the production of rare NFT props and materials, complete the production of rare NFT battleships, and the opening of the space station.
Third quarter of 2022: Complete the fourth version of the game and launch the core virtual manufacturing industry, and build the universe economic industrial chain.
Fourth quarter of 2022: The fifth version is completed and the federation is born, triggering territorial competition, and the scale of the war is larger and more intense.