HME is a game token which is issued via the BSC side chain (ZERO chain). It is the medium of exchange and transactions in the game, and represents the value of time and activity. In the game, players can control their own fleets, participate in PVEs, daily missions, plot missions as well as PVP games, whereby they thus expend time and effort to obtain HME tokens.
HME tokens can then be used to upgrade fleets by purchasing general (non-NFT) game items, improve the combat effectiveness of the fleets, and strive to achieve good results in the points ranking system to obtain SGLY rewards.
Once players use HME tokens to purchase general game items in the game, HME tokens will automatically be burned. The amount of HME tokens that are released is determined by the total GDP in the game so as to ensure the basic economic balance of the game. Of course, as an on-chain asset, HME tokens will be tradable and thus have monetary value in the future once they are listed on exchanges.