Singularity places a great deal of value on innovation, and one of the most important innovations lies in its unique ability to present the player with a perfect combination of its gameplay and virtual economy. Throughout the Singularity universe, the balance between its economic system and gameplay are thus a focal point.
The entire Singularity universe is completely open to players from around the world, and this includes guilds. In order to encourage the rapid development of guilds, guilds will be allowed starting from October 2021. We will provide a great deal of support to encourage the formation of guilds among players and will provide SGLY rewards as an incentive to guilds that make outstanding contributions to the Singularity universe.
We aim to motivate guilds to join the game, organize members to actively participate in the game, and maintain order throughout the Singularity universe. We also hope to establish a more direct relationship between the Singularity team and the guilds, so that guilds will eventually be able to pass on news and announcements about the latest official developments to their players. Of course, we also hope to get more suggestions from guilds to help Singularity improve and grow.