Play to Earn

Play to Earn
Play to Earn release plan
The above is the specific distribution plan for each sector. The play to earn tokens will be released gradually within five years as follows.
The issuance of Play to Earn tokens accounts for 40% of the total supply of SGLY, which is the largest part of the entire economic system. The goal is to attract a large number of players to join the Singularity universe ecosystem to earn token rewards and give ownership of the tokens to the majority of players.
Singularity envisions using Play to Earn tokens to reward key actions in our ecosystem, such as:
· Recruit players to join the Singularity universe.
· Build one’s own territory.
· Compete on the battlefield and win the game.
· Win a phased victory.
· Interact with your planet, battleships, and bases and take care of them.
· Use the Singularity trading market.
· Use other future products that have not yet been announced, etc.
Part of the tokens allocated by Play to Earn can be regarded as the marketing budget of the Singularity ecosystem. It will be allocated to promote new modes of playing or products, which will be determined by the autonomous organization (DAO).
SGLY tokens released through Play to Earn will be immediately available for trading, but Singularity will pay close attention to the development of the universe, and the DAO may decide whether to lock this part of the reward.